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Motor Yachts


The company TES-YACHT has been on the market for 30 years.

Owners of TES yachts appreciate their functionality, ergonomics and seaworthiness coupled with the distinct beauty noticeable from a distance. All boats are trailerable with the swing centerboard, where the keel versions for all models except the smallest, Master 550, are available. The hulls are all hand laminated solid fiberglass with glass fabric construction, with minimum of 10 layers in areas below water line. Decks are sandwich with Airex™ closed cell rigid foam impermeable to water. This guarantees long life of structure and resistance to rot. Hulls and decks are laminated together from inside to make strong monocoque construction that is both very rigid and leak-proof. The high quality of gelcoat keeps true white colour even on ten year old hulls.

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